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Pep Guardiola's Man City's future position is "confirmed" while Mikel Arteta and Arsenal wait


According to a recent rumor, Pep Guardiola will likely leave Manchester City at the end of the current campaign. With little over a year remaining on his current deal, the 53-year-old said last week that he intended to leave the team.

After winning his sixth Premier League title at the Etihad Stadium, he declared, "The truth is I am closer to leaving than staying." "It will be nine years from now. I feel like I'm going to remain for the next season right now.

"I have to meet the players also, so we can discuss about next season when we speak with the club. For a variety of reasons, if they follow me, they follow us. I'll remain. We shall converse throughout the season."

Because of his remarkable success, Guardiola has already been at City for a lot longer than he has been in past managerial positions. After last week's victory against West Ham, the team achieved an unparalleled feat in Premier League history—winning four straight titles. However, with Jurgen Klopp having announced his departure from Liverpool, Guardiola may soon follow.

Although City is eager to extend Guardiola's contract, the club's administration thinks he will retire at the end of the current campaign, according to The Daily Mail. It's also said that City was amenable to talking about a potential exit.

In any case, the Spaniard will take the reins again in August as he looks to unseat Mikel Arteta and Arsenal once more. He stated, "Yeah, I have a contract," in reference to his near future. Of course I want to return next season."

Loud applause followed Guardiola's remarks, expressing the supporters' emotions. When asked if he would stay forever, he did play it cool and avoid answering the question. Mikel Arteta might groan at the Emirates Stadium in the meantime.

The goal for his club is to attempt to become just the third team since 2017 to win the Premier League while City was at its peak. Guardiola has already declared that he would quit City should financial regulations be shown to have been broken by the team.

Later this season, the trial pertaining to their 115 accusations is scheduled to take place. Although it is usual for managers to sign contracts that keep players in North London into 2025, Arteta himself has not yet signed one, even though managers frequently find themselves in this predicament.

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