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Which team will win the Premier League title race—Manchester City, Arsenal, or Liverpool?

 Liverpool leads the Premier League and is the clear favorite to win it, according to Pep Guardiola, following his Manchester City team's Sunday draw with Arsenal, who are in second position.

After defeating Brighton at Anfield, Liverpool now leads the Gunners by two points, with City trailing them by one more point in third place.

Guardiola responded, "Always who is first is favourite," when asked if Liverpool were the "clear favourites" to win the Liga.

"Arsenal is the second favorite, and we are third. We don't control it."

Guardiola's City will try to win a record fourth title in a row and a second straight Treble when they play fourth-place Aston Villa on Wednesday.

"Always when we were top of the league, we were favourites," he stated. We held it in our hands. It's not now. It's easy."Liverpool has been the favorite for the fourth time this season, according to Nielsen's Gracenote.

According to Simon Gleave, head of analysis at Nielsen's Gracenote, "the Reds were previously favourites for two weeks in December, the first two weeks of January, as well as in the last week of January and the first week of February."

Liverpool have yet to remain favourites for more than a fortnight.

Towards the end of a 38-game season, there have been a few three-way Premier League title races where the clubs have been separated by just two points.In the event of a tie, the league will be determined by goal differential, followed by goals scored, most points from head-to-head competitions, and most away goals from head-to-head records.

There will definitely be a lot of twists and turns between now and the campaign's last day on May 19, whatever transpires.

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